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OSET welcomes the organizations and societies of professionals in the field of electrophysiology, neurophysiology, and neurodiagnostics as well as organizations representing professionals in Intraoperative Neuromonitoring, Evoked Potentials, Long Term Continuous EEG Monitoring and Clinical Electroencephalography, Polysomnography, Trans-cranial Doppler, Nerve Conduction Studies and Magnetoencephalography. 

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If you represent an organization or would like to begin such an organization in your country, please begin the process of joining our membership by emailing OSET.  We are hoping to expand our membership and work together to assist our member countries to share information and become involved in educational project around the world.  If your organization would like meetings posted on the OSET website, please send the information about your meeting to:  This website has been developed to provide information and news to our members, but also for any others working in the field of Electrophysiology, particularly Neurophysiology or Neurodiagnostics, and the linked specialties.

If your society wishes to join OSET, please email a copy of your constitution and a letter expressing your wishes to join to the OSET President: Maggie Marsh-Nation at:

OSET membership is open to any professional society or organization involved in any aspect of neurophysiology.

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A letter from the OSET President:

Dear OSET Members and visitors,

Welcome to OSET.  We are a non-profit organization that strives to promote education and the attainment of the highest level of knowledge and understanding in the field of Electrophysiological Technology, also knows as Neurodiagnostic Technology or Neurophysiology.  

We operate an eLearning portal and offer the courses free to member organizations.  We recently had a wonderful meeting in Turku, Finland, June 8-12, 2015 and lectures from this meeting are being developed for presentation in the eLearning portal.  If your society is interested in joining OSET, please email me at:

Dues are $2 Australian per member per year with a cap of .  Member countries have a representative at the OSET council meetings yearly virtual, and seated meetings at our congresses every 4 years.

We welcome all those who wish to share knowledge and raise the standards of neurodiagnostics around the world.


Maggie Marsh-Nation,


OSET President 2015-2019

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OSET 10th Congress in Turku, Finland 2015

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